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My grandfather worked for an express company in Sumter, SC, starting around 1919-20. He retired many years later from the Railway Express Agency (REA), but it wasn't formed until 1929. I would like to know what was the name of the express company (like our modern-day UPS) in Sumter at that time. The Southern Railway formed the Southeastern Express Company in 1921 and there was also the Southern Express Company.

-- Linda Howard (mlhowards@mindspring.com), September 04, 1999


My Grandfather also worked for REA. He was a delivery driver. He use to tell stories of riding the boxcars like something from a Mark Twain novel. All I know at this point is, after WWI American Railway Express Agency was the only express company. In 1927 the name was changed to Railway Express Agency.

-- tim gingrich (tim_gingrich@yahoo.com), June 26, 2001.

I am interested in whatever your web site may offer re The old Southeastern Express Company. My namesake and paternal grandfather, William F.Terrell, was general manager of the company some years prior to 1929 when he died. My father used to tell me tales of his father's role in the business. One story recounted the tracking of the "last train robber" in the East, one Bill Minor (sp?) It seems that after one of Minor's raids the railroad company, sheriff's posse and other company officials of The Southeastern Express Company,including my grandfather, rode out after Bill Minor and cornered him in a cabin somewhere in the mountains where Minor surrendered without a fight. I would be grateful for any additional data regarding the Southeastern Express Co. and also the posse that tracked Bill Minor. My Dad who told me this story is no longer with us but his stories of the old days used to thrill me as a little boy. Do please write me of any additional stories about the old Southeastern Express Co. You may recall that the company's logo was a swastika, long before The Nazis ever thought of this symbol. If I am not mistaken, the swastika is a Hindu good luck symbol. Yours truly, Bill Terrell

-- William F. terrell (billterrell@bellsouth.net), April 08, 2003.

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