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Fitter seems to have no collision detection with enemies? I've just played a game and scored in excess of 100k, on Mame32 v35final.

I'm not going to submit it, but I think this game should not have scores count for points. Any thoughts, or is there away to switch collision detection on?


oops - mistyped my own email address - doh!

-- Crash (, September 04, 1999


I submitted a score and also asked that question in my submission text. I had stopped after awhile, not knowing the game and getting 1st place score and of course not dying. I thought it kinda odd.

I still don't know how to play that game, did the other players get top score then wonder why they are not dying also? Did they read my score text? Is the collision detection broken or is it just a really easy game?

-- Dave Kaupp (, September 06, 1999.

It's definately broken... checking it's parent game 'Round Up' shows that the collision detection is not working between your player and enemies in 'Fitter'. This therefore means you can play for ever. That's certainly not the case for Round-up.

btw... the object of the game is to turn the blocks in the centre red - it's something like one of those sliding block puzzles (similar to 'Locomotion' in a way), but you can only change the blocks when you are red. Hope that helps :)


-- Crash (, September 06, 1999.

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