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How is Ilfosol as a general purpose developer in terms of grain, sharpness, and contrast? I use Delta 100, 400, and HP5+ and would like fine grain, but sharpness is really the paramount concern. I like rodinal but I then can't get full speed with Delta 400; I've also tried T-max developer but find it too contrasty with little high light detail. Thanks ahead.

-- Ling-N. Zou (, September 03, 1999


Ilfosol S is "fluid ID11". As a standard I use ID11 or D76, both powder, so you have to wait 24 hours after making the stock solution. For quick use I have Ilfosol. The results with ID11/D76 are slightly better than with Ilfosol S so make up your mind. In general: follow the instructions of the manifacturer of the film and make your own fine tuning. For all Ilford films you mentioned Ilfosol S and ID11/D76 give "best overall quality" Advise: Choose one combination and stick with it for a year or so. (FP4+ is much more flexible in use than Delta 100 and gives wonderfull results with ID11/D76; for excelent sharpness and good contrast you should try once FP4+ in Rodinal 1:50; 12 minutes at 20oC (for enlargers with condensor; subjects: landscape and architecture in full sunshine, no portrets).

Good luck, kind regards

-- (, March 15, 2002.

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