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I have been given a honeywell pentax 1 degree spotmeter which seems to be working fine (checked with grey card vs. my gossen)

there are two scales in the viewer 3 to 10 and 11 and up

I am presuming the higher scale requires a filter

the size is 46mm

can you affirm the presumption?

will I be able to find the filter or can I just go with 46mm neutral density?

since each index number is 1 stop, do I need a 10 stop reduction in light (neutral density 20X if I understand it correctly)?

-- bill pratt (, September 03, 1999


No, Bill, you don't need a filter for that meter. The only filter you would use with it is the one you are about to take a picture with, if you want to see how it affects the meter reading [be advised it doesn't record this accurately either]. There are two scales because the meter has two sensitivety scales [high and low light situations]. If the reading is off the top of the scale on the low side, you switch to the high, and vice versa. I suggest you get a manual for your meter. See:

-- Alec Jones (, September 04, 1999.

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