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What good deals have you made, or have you got anything extraordinary for free? I heard a phone in on this subject on the radio last night, and a guy rang in and said that the day after his 18th birthday he won a cuttlery set in a raffle he didn't even enter, and when he went to sell he found out it was worth #6000!

-- Tim (, September 03, 1999


I have a hard time believing anything is totally free... either you're going to start receiving brochures or you have to attend a conference or you'll have to pay taxes on it...something always screws it up. Well, don't I sound like a really happy one... I took advantage of my position at the magazine to accept some free software, including Flash, Dreamweaver, and was free...but it didnt feel the same. I only like free big things...not free trial samples and just caused people to act like vultures...

-- Greg (, September 03, 1999.

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