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I am looking for any information regarding Morris Station GA. Maps, pictures, name of RR that station served, anything. It was on the county line between Clay and Quitman. Thanks.

-- Doug Collins (doug.collins@eds.com), September 03, 1999


I've got a collection of Central of Georgia timetables and other literature that sheds a little light on Morris though it appears it never was of much significance to the CofG. Morris was located on the Smithville to Eufaula line at milepost 319, which puts it 10 miles west of Cuthbert GA. It was located in Quitman county and the December 19, 1949 CofG public timetable lists a daily westbound passenger train making a station stop at Morris at 737AM. This train continues on to Eufaula/Montgomery. The counterpart eastbound shows stopping at 928pm before continueing on to Smithville. Schedules at Smithville call for a northbound and southbound train arriving Smithville at 1130PM which would have made connections to Albany (south) and Macon/Atlanta (north) available. Morris is listed as a flag stop for these trains. There was also a mixed train that operated westbound 3 days a week (M-W-F) that stopped at 1026am. The eastbound mixed operated on Tues., Thursday, and Saturday and shows making its stop at Morris at 1235pm. The mixed trains appear to have operated to/from Ft. Gaines GA and Eufaula AL via Cuthbert. The October 1, 1952 public timetable shows no passenger service at all to Morris so sometime between 1949 and 1952 passenger service ceased.

Macon division employee timetable #28 dated April 27, 1958 makes no mention of Morris whatsoever. The September 1, 1961 Central of Georgia Official list of Officers, agents, attorneys, surgeons, stations, etc.shows Morris with an audit number of 552 and designated a class "M" station which meant "freight station for carload freight only". Under the heading of "Car Capacity Tracks" it shows 17. There is no telegraph call sign given nor an agents name which indicates an unmanned station.

Southern Railway Coastal division timetable #9 dated 12/9/73 makes no mention of Morris at all. Most side tracks where listed in the special instructions section of Southern timetables, even down to listing the woodyard at Cuthbert. Again no mention of Morris in this section so I think it is safe to assume that whatever side track was at Morris was taken out by 1973.

Hope this helps and perhaps someone else can supply some photos. As for maps, find a CofG map of the 40's and 50's and look a few miles west of Cuthbert GA. It should be shown.

Bryan Smith Columbia Alabama

-- tracks (bsmith3608@aol.com), September 04, 1999.

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