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Those concerned may know this already but I wanted to pass on a safety tip:

When inspecting a freight elevator with Peelle power doors, the car is sent to the lowest landing. The 2nd floor hall doors can be opened by way of the hoistway access lock box. It can happen that the lock box does not self-close due to the chain binding.

Beware, because in such cases the 2nd floor hall doors can be powered shut by any passenger at floor 1 who presses the door close button. This would be unfortunate for anyone half-way through the doors at floor 2 on their way to the car top!

-- ted o (, September 02, 1999


I thought that peele door controls had zone switches that would prevent this kind or thing from happening also some have a toggel swith that is triggered to dissable the motors i guess my question is how can your 2nd floor door close by pushing the first floor door button when the car is at 1 and the doors on 2 are going closed?

you got a wiring mistake or a jumper wired in somewhere?or maybe a hoistway switch stuck?

im not sayin it aint happenin it shouldnt happen at all will this do this when its a 2 and you can close the doors from 1?

-- j (, September 04, 1999.

To reply to the answer above, yes the Peelle system does have a door zone - but when the hoistway access box is pulled open, this makes up the door zone switch as well as opens the door lock. Therefore in the original example, the door zone switch for floors 1 and 2 were both made up at the same time.

And yes, some instllations do have a controller "kill" switch mounted in the hoistway access box. But, not all. My understanding is that the code folks are looking at this.

-- Ted O (, September 06, 1999.

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