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I would appreciate any advice regarding film scanners. I'm just entering the world of the digital darkroom (i.e. just starting to learn the lingo). I'm not a professional and therefore don't need the highest quality device. I'm considering the Olympus ES-10 parallel film scanner which has a maximum optical resolution of 1770 x 1770, and a max scanning area of 36 mm x 36 mm. It's got 24 bit color and 8 bit monochrome scan modes. It sells for about $325 at BUY.COM and comes with Photoshop Deluxe. My questions are:

1. Does anybody have experience with this scanner? I've heard it's slow but of high quality for the price. I don't do high volume work so speed is not an issue.

2. Are there any other worthy scanners in this price range?

3. Can I "burn and dodge" with Photoshop Deluxe or would I need to upgrade to Photoshop LE?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

-- Asher Schachter (, September 01, 1999


I was going to buy the ES-10 (in the UK), but was told it is now discontinued. Instead, I bought the Jenoptik JS21 for 250 UK pounds. 2400dpi, 36 bits, parallel port (or USB). It works fine for B&W. It came with Photoshop Deluxe, but I haven't loaded it. The TWAIN driver works, but is rather primitive: it doesn't have built-in settings for different colour films.

-- Alan Gibson (, September 22, 1999.

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