XL1 and field mixers - how to calibrate?

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When I use a Shure field mixer with the XL1 I have difficulty calibrating the camera to the mixer. I use the MA100 adapter and find that when the mixer indicates the levels are good, they are actually too hot on the camera. I have had the same problem with the VX1000.

Any advice someone can give me on how to calibrate a field mixer to the XL1 (and the VX1000) would be greatly appreciated....



-- Leigh Kimball (Lsk227@aol.com), September 01, 1999


Hi Leigh,

I just finished shooting with a Shure mixer and seemed to have a pretty good match. Instead of using an MA100 I took the 1/8" "Tape Out" from the mixer to the RCA inputs on the XL1. The mixer had 0 Tone which I set my camera to. All of the audio was dumped to Ch.1 on my camera. So far so good. I've noticed that the audio limiter on the XL1 is actually pretty good. I'm not a fan of any "auto" settings but whenever I'm recording footage with ambient audio I just set it to auto and have been happy with that. One thing that I have done when mixing is checking to see what the camera on "auto" wants for a 0 tone setting and going by that.

Hope this helps somewhat. Dwayne

-- Dwayne Thornhill (thornhil@mars.ark.com), September 20, 1999.

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