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I have an XL1 and have noticed that when I use the MA100 adapter with a shotgun mic (Sennheiser and Audio Technica) on the automatic level setting, the recorded sound is way too low. The camera mic used in the same situation on automatic records sound fine. Any ideas on how to get decent levels thru the MA100 while on the automatic audio setting?

I appreciate any insight anyone out there may have....

Leigh Kimball

-- Leigh Kimball (, September 01, 1999


WELL LEIGH, I also have had this problem. I own the XL-1 , & the MA100. Here's the deal. You need a line mixer to boost the signal cleanly. This is a standard piece of equipment on most pro ENG beta packages. For a studio situation, you can use any good mixer. Mackie or whatever. However, in a fielsd situation, you must have a portable battery operated model. Such as the Wendt, or sure. They cost approx. $1000, but work great. If you try to boost the signal without a line mixer, your audio will be very noisy. Good


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