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I have two framed, original watercolors depicting life in San Francisco by an artist named Ted Lewy. The sealed paper backing is stamped Ted Lewy - Arts Creation, San Francisco, California. Can anyone give me any information on this artist or perhaps the value of these paintings?

-- Mary Egger (megger6634@aol.com), August 31, 1999


just came here to find out the same as my mother has two ...has anyone responded?????? Mine (one of them) has a 1950 date...one is of the cable car on Market and Powell and the other the flower cart on Powell....I have enjoyed growing up with them and remembering the City of long ago..........

-- carla livorsi (carla@innercite.com), October 22, 2000.

Visit Walt's Postcards online - you'll find a little bio on Ted. Very interesting!

-- Connie McKinley (conmck@aol.com), November 06, 2000.

I also have 2 signed prints from Lewy dated may 31st 1955, they were copyrited in 1952 T.L., has anyone found anything more about these prints

-- Scott Raisor (raisor@att.com), July 15, 2001.

This is more of a question than an answer, I have recently aquired two Ted Lewy prints, one of these framed and sealed prints is of "Hyde Street Cable Car" and the other is "Powell Street Turntable" The size of the print is about 11" x 9" yet the size, including the frame and border, is about 19" x 15". I have seem lots of questions about Mr. Lewy but no real information regarding the value of his works or where you can find anymore of them. I really like the colors and the cartoon type painting. If anyone has any informatin can you please inform a first time collector.

-- Clarice Arruda (hgehrke@pacifier.com), April 13, 2002.

I have a watercolor by Ted Lewy of the President Wilson ship, dated 1948. Where do you go to fine the value of such an artwork

-- Jeanne Carr (jeannecarrj@aol.com), October 10, 2002.

I also have a Ted Lewy print. One of a flower cart on Powell or corner of Market and Powell. The print I believe has a copyright of 1956. The print is signed by Ted Lewy and dated May 1957. It is about 8.5x11 in size. It is a very colorful print and I have enjoyed it for years. Just today decided to look up the name on the internet and discovered many interesting facts about the artist. Does this have some value or enough value that I should have it insured? Would appreciate an opinion on this. Thanks.

-- tom (golfweather4@yahoo.com), March 02, 2004.

I have three Ted Lewy watercolors. The Fishnet mending, cable car and Flower Stand.

Am interested in the values of these?

-- Helen Hintz (hchintz@charter.net), September 12, 2004.

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