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What punishments did you or your contemporaries have to do at school?

Ii had a friend who was made to copy out half the dictionary, and then later in the year having obviously not learnt his lesson, copy out a couple of gospels from the Bible!

The worst I've ever got is having to write out 'Silence is Golden' 200 times. My favourite punishment (?) was in primary school when I was given 25 unspecified lines for making strange noises in class (don't ask...). I took great pleasure in handing in my sheet of A4 with 25 'I must not go bing-bong'

-- Tim (, August 31, 1999


In elementary school, I remember having to write on the chalk board one hundred times. As we got older the punishments tended to be not being allowed to participate in something, maybe a sport or an assignment. And of course, in high school teachers just sent us to the principal's office for him to deal with it.

I didnt get in trouble much in school, but one instance I vividly remember was in the lunch line. These two guys, one in front of me, one behind me in line began to fight with each other, I was trying to get out of the way when the principal arrived and thought I was fighting in the middle. He grabbed my coat by the back of my neck, lifted me off the ground and practically threw me into the back of the line. To say the least, it pissed me off, especially since I didn't do anything, and if he knew me at all he'd know I was the last person to want to fight with anyone. Anyhow, when the other kids saw him do this, they gasped in disbelief that I was in trouble for something. I guess if you play it right, it can really make you look like a trouble- maker or something, and for some reason that makes you look just that much least in school.

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-- Greg (, October 12, 1999.

In third grade, I cut P.E. Not really, but sort of. My third grade teacher would let us stay in and help her some days. One day, there was a substitute, but I still stayed in. It was me and about six other kids. The teacher was so angry when she came back. My best friend's mother, who was the meanest teacher in the school at that time (Later, she wasn't so scary), came in and had us go home the week of spring break to write some HUGE sentence/paragraph thing 100 times. I did it too. Then I handed it in to the wrong teacher and that substitute has hated me ever since. I still get a funny feeling every spring break.

-- Krysten the Great (, October 12, 1999.

A friend of mine had to untie bits of string (the ones used for hold together exam scripts) because she had her shirt untucked!

-- smallkat (, October 13, 1999.

In high school, my 9th and 10th grade year, they made us copy books out of the Bible. I complained about this, since it was a Private School and they were TRYING to teach us the Bible was a good thing, yet at the same time punishing us with it. Anyhow, the following years they stopped making us copy out of the Bible. My work there was done.

-- Scarlett (, October 14, 1999.

I remember I had to take 20 canes on each hand & leg & then Stand in the dustbin for 1 hour not mentioning the terrible 2hours I had to kneel on the rocky playground for hitting my friend because she did not return my father's book.My father again punished me at home for this by making me do 300 situps on the same day in front of my family & my friends who had come to visit me that day.

-- Shirish Agarwal (, May 21, 2002.

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-- luanna chen (lulu, February 03, 2003.

One time in grade 8, I was lining up to do gym and another guy said I couldn't go there. I was very mad at him and I really didn't like him. He pushed me out of the way. I just went back in line. Then he hit my back really hard. I was mad. So I told him to stop hittng me. Then he pushed me down hard. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed his arm and scratched him really bad as I fell. He told the teacher and I got sent out into the hall. I almost got suspended and he started it! I was mad and it was my mom and dad's anniversary too!!!

-- Casaundra (, February 07, 2003.

mmm.... I had to sandpaper desks and do gardening as part of my detention at school.

-- cheekynaughty (, May 06, 2003.

For forgetting your PE kit the punishment was to put on what was in lost property (usually muddy, baggy shorts and a damp/mildew vest) and fill up a litter bag whilst everyone played sport outside. Oh, and there was only a couple pairs of shoes so if they didn't have your size then bare feet would have to suffice. Not very nice in England in November in the rain and mud !! And if there wasn't enough litter collected, you had to go out the following lunch-time.

-- rick vivas (, June 14, 2004.

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