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Here's my portfolio site that I've been working on, most of the photos were taken this summer. My portfolio has three categories: abstract, architechture, and nature. Nature is mostly color, but the other two are almost all B&W (I categorized them by subject, not by format)

click on architecture and abstract for B&W, I also have one nice B&W fog shot in nature, if you feel willing to venture into all that wacky color... if your still interested you can venture into my older, less selective site with even more images.

thanks alot peace -martin

-- Martin Ceperley (, August 30, 1999


Hi Martin - I think you may have some problems with your links. After I clicked on 'abstract' I got a blank page with 'back-home- next' at the bottom. After that it was ok, and then whenever I hit the 'next' button, I bounced back and forth between 'The boundary', 'Medival Arch' and 'Chandelier'.

On my monitor your images that have a lot of shadow in it, like 'The boundary' and 'Medival Arch' were just too black in the shadows. Now, 'Chandelier' showed up beautifully.


-- Chris Harkness (, September 01, 1999.

I could not find the information I wanted to help with my art project on archictural environment please e-mail me. many thanx

-- Hannah Mahoney (, March 20, 2001.

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