Looking for Photograph of Rockford, TN Depot

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Does anyone have a photo of the Rockford, Tenn. SRR depot on the K&A that I could buy, pay to get copied, or perhaps scan and forward to me?

Alton Underwood (alu6@Hotmail.com),Aug.29, 1999

-- Alton Underwood (alu6@Hotmail.com), August 29, 1999


I have two places for you to look. One is the little country store on Old Maryville Pike that is a Chevron Station (Rockford Market?), they have a bunch of old pix on the wall of Rockford from days past. Seems like at least one of them is of that depot or some other RR subject. Second is Thompson Photo Products in Knoxville, TN (423)637-0211. They have a bunch of quality negatives dating back to 1902, many of them RR subjects. I have seen several from their collection taken on the K&A, one is displayed at our local Ruby Tuesday's! They will make beautiful copies for a reasonable rate, only problem is they are not catagorized. Spend some time there, call in advance, check out their web-site http://www.thompsonphoto.com . I am constantly amazed by the new/old RR photos these folks print up.

-- Albert E. Pope (aepope@worldnet.att.net), October 12, 1999.

check the maryville,alcoa daily-times in maryville , tennessee

-- j seal (jseal@bellsouth.net), December 29, 2002.

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