What's the worst injury your body has suffered?

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I've broken my wrist (attempts at rollerblading!) which is pretty pathetic. So what's the worst injury your body has suffered?

-- Tim (tim@newmail.net), August 28, 1999


One time I was playing rugby in a rugby tournament, and I attempted a tackle on this really fat chick, only my finger got caught in her shorts so I was getting dragged down the rugby field by my finger until her shorts finally ripped. I went to the hospital for X-rays, and it turned out the joint on that finger had chipped off and rotated 180 degrees, and I needed surgery to fix it and I had a pin sticking out the side of my finger for about a month. Pretty crappy.

-- becca (goddess_becca@chickmail.com), August 28, 1999.

Well, here's two (I couldn't decide between them, so I'll write both):

1.) A few years ago in high school gym class, we were playing lacrosse inside with barely any equipment (no pads of any sort, crappy plastic sticks, and road cones for goals) and I was (as usual) in goal. Jake, this huge football player, had the ball and he was coming straight at me. He took a shot, scored, and kept going, slamming into me and sending me flying into the folded-up bleachers. I got right up and I was fine, but the coach thought I had a concussion. (Okay, not really an injury, just an example of my resilency. I could also talk about the time we were playing baseball -- I was the catcher -- and Jake barreled into me in a play at the plate, but that would be anticlimatic, don't you think? )

2.) (Real injury this time... hehehe) This past spring I was playing soccer with a bunch of my friends at the park at night, and I was (for the second straight story) the goalie. A shot missed the goal, and as I was running behind the net to retrieve the ball, I slid in an attempt to block it from going any further. Well, the field was a little wet, and I ended up skidding off the field and onto the edge of the adjacent parking lot. My right knee and calf got scraped up pretty good. (Since it was spring, I was wearing shorts.) I thought it was fine until about ten or fifteen minutes later, when the game ended and we were walking back to the lighted picnic area. I looked down at my leg and saw that it was bleeding. I cleaned it up and bandaged it and whatnot, and it looked pretty ugly for a couple weeks. If you looked at my leg now, though, you wouldn't know anything happened to it. =)

-- Tim L. (mediabrat@hotmail.com), August 29, 1999.

Well, it happened a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...but clumsy me, I walked right into one of those metal tall sprinkler head things...an it rammed into my shin tearing away the skin, down to the bone...in fact, you could see bone. It hurt like hell...and I still have a scar. Another time while on vacation I stepped on a broken beer bottle in a lake..and had to go the hospital. The beer bottle cut didnt hurt at all...what really hurt was the doctor taking a needle and inserting it into the cut so I wouldnt get diseased...then of course the sutures they put in hurt too...

Thats it for me...nothing too major...nothing broken.

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-- Greg Barber (gbarber@gbdesigns.com), August 29, 1999.

Happened when I was in first grade. I was in the middle of a bunch of kids rolling around on the floor wrestling, and I got stabbed in the knee with a newly sharpened Mongol no. 1 someone was holding. Went in all the way up to the little black WOODCLINCHED.Then someone else came down on the pencil the wrong way and ripped it right out. BLEEDER! Trailing red all the way to the infirmary. Did leave a nice scar, though.

That's it, I guess. There was this other incident involving an ice skating rink, an impossibly overweight guy out of control, a body (mine), and a thick glass wall, in that order. Maybe for SADISTIC SUNDAY! No, wait, it IS Sunday. Never mind.

-- Josh (for18days@yahoo.com), August 29, 1999.

The knuckle thing is true! I know because my sister did it when she was very little. It got sliced off in a door (don't ask!) just past the nail bed. she thought it was hilarious because the shop staff at the place where she sliced it off gave her free chocolate. I nearly fainted. It grew back and you can't tell at all. Completely true.

-- smallkat (smallkat@hotmail.com), August 29, 1999.

These boards are weird. I always want to type my name first then my e-mail address. Oh well.

The finger thing is really freaky.

Thus far, I have managed to get through life with no broken bones. (I won't touch wood, because leaning over to touch it might cause an accident.) However, when playing netball over five months ago, I was trying to play two positions at once, tripped over the goal shooter and landed on my elbow, leaving most of it on the court. Although I only had it bandaged for a few days, the scar is still icky and won't go away.

-- Zed (zobocop@warnes.demon.co.uk), August 29, 1999.

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