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Does anyone know if Spectrum's 2-8-0 matches any CofG Consolidation ? It comes in an undecorated that is already painted but not lettered. I thought the engine that was moved from Columbus to Savannah last year might be a match but after comparing the model to photos it dosen't look likely. (The headlight is in the wrong place on the model, for one thing.) Richard

-- Richard W Cole Jr. (colejr1@juno.com), August 28, 1999



The Spectrum 2-8-0 would not pass as a model of a C-3 consolidation as 223 in Columbus, GA. However, with a little work, it could pass as a C-4 class like 509 in Macon. The problem with the C-3's is that the steam crest are the older models. The C-4 sports steam crest like that found on the Spectrum model. I am in the process of reworking my Spectrum model and have had a lot of fun with it. I have learned, over the years, not to get carried away with heavy rebuilding. I try to change a few details that are typical of a specific prototype and call it good. With my model, I stuck with moving the bell to the smokebox face, installing the top mounted feed water injector with plumbing, a capped smoke stack, replacing the headlight and whistle with a lostwax castings, pull cords for the bell and whistle, replacing the lead truck with a spoked wheel set, electrical conduit and leads, a backup light on the tender, cab details such as sun awning and arm rest. After repainting I used Microscales O gauge Central heralds from the switch engine set for the tender and then lightly weathered. What I got was a lousily based representation of a typical Central C-4 class 2-8-0 circa 1948. I looks great, runs great and did not put me into the looney ben.

John Walker, 8405 Jolima Ave., Norfolk, VA 23518-2219

-- John Ross Walker, US Navy (Retired) (jrosswalker@yahoo.com), May 19, 2000.

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