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Does anyone know of any existing lists of models produced in CofG lettering schemes? I would like to compile an "all-time" list of CofG models produced in any scale, whether lettering scheme is correct or not, for modeler's reference or model collectors. I have already collected some information, but have not run accross any other lists that have been started. Please let me know by e-mail if you are aware of any such lists. It may take me some time to develop a final list, however I would be willing to be a resourse center in the meantime.

-- Raymond W. Young (, August 28, 1999


Raymond, Here are the models I'm aware of. Atlas'es RS-3's & GP_7's. Accurail's O.B. boxcar (st#4407),PS-1 40' boxcar (st#3424). Roundhouse's 2bay covered hopper (st#7780). Kaydee's 40' PS-1s (st#s 5104 & 5216). Athearn's 40' AAR boxcar (st#5966). Ertl's 40' lowside gondola (st#1382). Des Plaines Hobbies' custom painted 50' PS- 1 "football" scheme boxcars (unassembled & assembled). Red Cabooses' 42' flatcar (st#RC-2285). Branchline Trains' 40' PS-1 boxcar (st#13112). English's Model Railroad Supply's 40" AAR boxcar (st# "#3- 1001). Richard

-- Richard Cole Jr. (, March 23, 2001.

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