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I am interested in the Minox ECX because of: 1) ease of use (automatic exposure--no need to set shutter or aperature) 2) black color.

However, in pictures I have seen on the web, I have noticed that the lens hood of the ECX looks like it is either chrome-plated or made of a shiny siver metal. To me this defeats the purpose of making the camera black so it is hard to notice.

Is the lens hood replaceable with a black one? Or can the lens hood be removed and painted black?

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-- Matt Shimao (Matt_shimao@3com.com), August 27, 1999


Matt, actually the ring is not the lens hood. The lens hood inside the window, behind the lens cover.

The ring is a guard ring designed to prevent accidental covering up of the lens by finger ! Because the EC/ECX is so small, one might block the lens without knowing it.

It cannot be remve.

From the comments I got by ECX users, the ECX is so small, the ring does not matter, people might think it a ring on your finger.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), August 27, 1999.

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