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Ok i need some help! I installed s-mart to i made the tmp directory and the orders directory and set the permissions to 777 i made my header and footer.html and changed permissions to 755 i changed the demo.db to 777 and all the cgi and lib are 755 the page loads and emails but when you go to order you get this msg Can't Open /tmp/store1-(r): Permission denied Content-type: text/html also at that point it takes me to a cart that has items that i cannot erase! What am i doing wrong???? Please help!!!! Thanks CJ

-- CJ Kaplan (, August 25, 1999


First thing I would check is your base path to your tmp directory. I ran into this as well. By the error message, it sounds like you are accidentally using a tmp directory at the root of your server.

if your basepath looks like this: /usr/public/htdocs/reptile/cgi-bin/

then your $tmpdir = /usr/public/htdocs/reptile/cgi-bin/tmp

NOT $tmpdir = /tmp

Let me know if this fixes your problem.

Roy S-Mart up and working in the "Coverbox"

-- Roy Lingen (, September 16, 1999.

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