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I'm launching into Photoshop and digital manipulation of my black and white. I'm interested in suggestions of monitors that will work well for that. In looking at magazine reviews, I'm seeing references to color calibrating units, with speicfic recommendations (MacWorld editor's choice) of LaCie monitors over more general Apple Studio monitors or Sony's.

Is it worth the extra money to buy that kind of monitor for this application?

-- ALLEN BIRNBACH (, August 25, 1999


Yes it is, although the LaCie monitors are not the only good choice. Mitsubishi also makes excellent monitors, as do other manufacturers. The key is getting a monitor that allows individual control of the RG&B electron guns, then getting a color calibrator and using it.

West Coast Imaging has some good tips on their web site at http://

-- Darron Spohn (, August 26, 1999.

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