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For those of us who purchased Tales of the Sword Coast, the expansion to Baldur's Gate, it had some pretty good quests that required a bit of thinking. Not puzzles that required you to find x key in the 2nd stone to the left of the 3rd doorway to the Gates of Hell, but quests that made you think. Durlag's Tower, for example. Do you like these kind of quests, and think they should have a lot of it in Torment? Or do you hate these quests, and that the simple 'kill this monster and fetch me this item' quests are more to your taste?

-- Kraal (, August 25, 1999


Personally, I think that those types of quests are interesting, but can tedious after a while. The second level in Durlag's Tower (in Baldur's Gate Expansion) could get extremely frustrating after a while. But, if implemented properly, they add an other dimension of gameplay. I think, if added in moderation they would make an excelent addition to Torment.

-- Wolf (, September 25, 1999.

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