What's your weapon of choice?

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So, what's your favorite weapon? What are you more likely to equip? Dagger? Long sword? Spiked club? Maybe a quarterstaff is more your style. War hammer? Halberd? Maybe you're more into ranged weapons like a crossbow or longbow. Share with the group.

-- Kraal (msgboard@otaking.org), August 25, 1999


I remember Hanna Barbara making a cartoon maybe a decade ago that had a hero with two swords that were joined at the hilts. They were detachable, too.

I tend to lean towards ranged weapons. A good bow, usually, and that +3 sling in Tales of the Sword Coast rocked. I always play the rogue in Diablo, and I always picked the bow proficiency in BG. Which is not to say I don't appreciate a good sword. Defender+3. Mmm.

And a bard wielding a 2-handed sword is about as practical as using a guitar to pilot a mecha in Macross 7. Which is not very. :-) Bards don't like to damage their hands in melee combat, yanno. Bows are more their style. Or slings.

I hope Torment gives you some decent ranged weapons. There were entirely too few enchanted ranged weapons in BG.

-- Kraal (msgboard@otaking.org), August 27, 1999.

Personal favorite, a two-handed sword. I know, I know, big weapon, perhaps I'm trying to compensate for something lacking, but really, it has some Teutonic facination for me. So a bard with a 2handed sword. Can't hit anything, but just looks right somehow...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lin Fusan strive to achieve the Thunder Perfect Mind

-- Lin Fusan (m.lin@cee.com), August 26, 1999.

Heh. I've got this weapon which is basicly two longswords stapled hilts together, and I had it way before the Star wars prequel. And I kick butt with it. I like it.

-- Transeer (fullofcrud@hotmail.com), August 27, 1999.

Hey! What's wrong with bards with 2handed swords? You say they can't hit anything? Is that what you're saying? Darn, you're right, I hit, perhaps, one monster with that weapon in the sessions I've played. I mean, the Player's Handbook said pick a weapon that best fit the character, rather than for damage. But no, all the other players kept telling me to "use your magic bow, use your magic bow" so fine, I used my magic bow. Then later my DM told me that the bow was cursed. Arg, can never win. ;)

Lin Fusan, got an Tiny Boom Imperfect Mind

-- Lin Fusan (m.lin@cee.com), August 27, 1999.

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