Jane/Mlle merge

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Jane and Mademoiselle may merge. They are owned by the same pub company now.

-- In the Know (vegetable@pizza.com), August 25, 1999



In the Know:

How do you get to be in the know? Why would they merge? Isn't Glamour owned by the same co as Mlle? They've never merged those two. This is so confusing. I thought magazines were a little more stable than that when they hit the stands.

-- In the Dark (bored@work.com), August 25, 1999.

More merging


I'm not actually in the know about this one. I was in the know about what the webmaster said last week (liar!), and I decided to stick with the name. Anyway, there's apparently an article in the New York Post about the possible merge they've been considering. The link was posted on another BB, but I couldn't get the link to know. As far as I know, the article said that there has been talk of merging the two and keeping Jane Pratt as editor. Of course, I have no idea how that might pan out in the long run, and it's still not final -- just notable enough to get a media mention. Sorry I was too lazy to type all of this out last night.


-- In the Know (vegetable@pizza.com), August 25, 1999.

Not nessesarily will they merge. Why make one issue of a mag when you'll sell two? I read both, and buy both, but they may not risk losing readers by removing a mag from market if it's resonably succcessful.

Publishing co's own loads of titles of magazines, sometimes with duplication.

-- Tania (taniamc@yahoo.com), August 25, 1999.

link to the NYPost story


-- Cindy (cindyrichards83@yahoo.com), August 25, 1999.

ahhh...that now makes sense. I guess it doesn't surprise me much that Mlle is having trouble but I suppose I assumed it was Jane, the newcomer.

But as the article said...speculation...

thanks for the link...

-- Tania (taniamc@yahoo.com), August 25, 1999.

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