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Does anyone want link to report? I haven't seen it posted here. find it below. No need for FOIA or anything other than a search engine and a few links tried. North can't be reached to be advised it's not phantom or secret. Have attempted to advise Jim Lord, ABCNEWS, CBN, Joseph Project, Yourdon. It wasn't hard to find on Friday the 20th. Version was updated 8/19. It was updated again today. Data still same ( or almost same ). It's public. IMHO, It's an assessment by one large company (Navy) of 100's of other large companies. All of whom have employees like our own employers - people like you and I doing their jobs. Do they know anything for sure? - no more than you or I. No one will until we are there. No utility or company will be 100% sure of compliance or not until something breaks or something doesn't. Make your own plans as you see fit but don't believe in a conspiracy consisting of a cast of 10's of thousands - some of whom probably live in your neighborhood. The link to the public site: scroll down to report link, click and read it yourself. Oh I wouldn't email the poor guys like you and I who have the misfortune of having their addresses located near the link. Give 'em a break.

-- WD. Stalcup (, August 24, 1999


Heard it on Paul Harvey at noon,(a couple of days after Jim Lord broke the story) along with a few million others. So where is the public outcry?!! Poor Joe (8<`

-- Michael (, August 24, 1999.

ACCESSED #3146 TIMES SINCE JUNE 2,1999------and note the update date????
smokescreen-bullshit--guv'mint spin----save the system-----dead Americans!!!!!!!!!!!

-- cb (, August 25, 1999.

What US Navy Report? Am interested in oz pls explain.

-- (, August 25, 1999.

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