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I have been trying to track down the current-day organization that used to be the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks. I have found the one that was hq'd in Cincinnati--it later became B of Railway & Steamship Clerks, then added more and is today's TCU. However, I'm looking for one whose headquarters was in Atlanta (I think). Do you know any info? If not, do you know any leads I might try? My specific interest is in a Lodge built by the Brotherhood in 1910 or 1920 or so for members & families to use as a mountain retreat in the summer months. The lodge is in Saluda, NC (between Asheville, NC, & Spartanburg, SC). I have been told it was for clerks only of Southern RR, but I am beginning to question this. Can you help me out? Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Langdon Oppermann

-- Langdon Oppermann (, August 24, 1999


The former Brotherhood of Railway Clerks is now known as the Transportation Communication Union in Rockledge, Maryland. I was an employee of the BRC in Cincinnati from 1964 - 1969. My father was General Chairman of the Penn-Central System Board in Pittsburgh, Pa.

-- Donna Wahlert (, December 09, 2002.

The lodge in Saluda, NC is now operated by Kathy and Bob Thompson as The Orchard Inn. I have stayed there, and it is a great place.

I collect postcards, and have 2 1930's era cards of the lodge.

Their site is

-- jim ramseur (, November 17, 2001.

Langdon: My father was a member of the BRC for a number of years. He retired in the early 80's after 40+ years with the Southern Freight Tarriff Burea office in Atlanta. I can recall looking at the monthy (BRC) magazine that came to our house when I was a boy in the 1960's. It was indeed hqt'd in Cincinnati and a Mr Dennis was union president at that time. I will ask Dad about the lodge at Saluda, but I don't remember ever hearing anything about it. Greg Hodges Richmond, Va.

-- Greg Hodges (, September 06, 1999.

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