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After suffering arrears and other credit problems, I handed in the keys to my house in February this year. I had to supply a contact address to the Halifax and gave a care of address, but said that I was moving to the Isle of Man (which I didn't).

I have not applied for any credit since, and I did not sign up to the electoral register. I have a joint savings account with my partner at Sainsburys and a building society account, but no other banking facilities or credit and store cards. I also conveniently forgot to tell my other creditors that I had moved out!

Now I have received a solicitors letter whose clients are another collections agency and whose phone number is a "Westcot" line but I know from the amount owing that it is my former bank.

How did they find out where I am? Should I answer their letter? Although I am working now, I am trying to sort myself out and I cannot afford to pay off all my debts and yet I cannot afford to have a county court judgement against me. I am interested in getting my details from the credit reference agencies and others, but if some creditors don't have my address, then they certainly will when I apply for my credit file.

Any advice would be appreciated.

-- denise cassidy (pendle@amun-ra.demon.co.uk), August 24, 1999

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