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Coastal's 100,000 bpd Corpus refinery shut NEW YORK, Aug 23 (Reuters) - A fire struck a gasoline-making unit at Coastal Corp.'s (NYSE:CGP - news) Corpus Christi, Texas, refinery as the plant was shut Sunday as a precaution to Hurricane Bret, a company spokesman said Monday.

The 100,000 barrel-per-day refinery is now shut and the spokesman, Greg Clock, said he had no estimate of when it will be back up.

``We shut down yesterday as a precaution to Bret and during the procedure there was a fire in heater in the No. 4 platform,'' said Clock.

``The entire refinery is down and we have no time estimates as to when it will be restarting,'' he said.

Clock said the Houston-based company is now assessing damage, ``but (Monday) morning it looks like it is light,'' he said.

Hurricane Bret, packing 140 miles per hour (225 kph) winds, slipped ashore on Sunday between Corpus Christi and Brownsville.

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-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), August 24, 1999


Slip \'slip\ vb slipped; slipping 1; to escape quietly or secretly 2; to pass unnoticed or undone. My question is: how does a catagory 4 hurricane with 140 mph winds "slip" onto shore. Perhaps this is a "shilshod" use of the English language.

-- y2k dave (, August 24, 1999.

Make that "slipshod use of the English language. need more coffee and a shower and spellchecker.

-- y2k dave (, August 24, 1999.

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