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Hello Everyone,

I am a filmmaker who has completed my first feature on 16mm last year. I am about to launch a new documentary project and after seeing the results of celebration, idiots, etc, I am convinced that my new film will be shot on DV.

As most of the filmming will be done in London and Hong Kong (both of which I believe uses PAL system), and what I have been kinda hearing from people onthis bulletin board about PAL DV's better 35mm transfer, I am considering shooting on DV PAL.

But here are the questions:

1. Where can I get a PAL DV in the US or on the web? 2. Any recommendation on which product model (does it matter whether it is NTSC or PAL)? 3. If I were to eventually transfer everything on a NLE system, does it matter which system (pal or Ntsc) do I use? Do I need a PAL monitor? Please advice. 4. I have heard about this, but what is the reason that PAL transfers to 35mm is better than NTSC. Please explain. 5. With a PAL DV, what other problems will I encounter if I were to do most of the post-producion in the United States.

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give.


-- Lawrence Wong (, August 23, 1999


I think you'll find answers to some of your questions at the following URL:

Check their FAQ.

-- Christopher Gegax (, August 28, 1999.

Yes you'll need a PAL monitor. Transfer is better because of higher intrinsic definition (576 vertical lines) and the frame rate at 25 fps is so close to the 24 fps of film as to be practically ignored. Transfer is usually done frame for frame with no interpolation or lost frames.

-- Charlie Stuart (, November 06, 1999.

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