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Canada-On-Line, our home internet service provider, mysteriously has had EVERY web site of their clients, along with the entire contents TOTALLY wiped out. This includes the main page of the New Millennium Salons, every page that was created and used or stored for reference, including our graphics! The technical people there are investigating but presently have no idea how it happened. It may have been an internal problem or a hacker getting his chuckles.

We are presently in the process of tracking down back-ups. Unfortunately, many were not stored in our home hard drives. If, at any time you click on a link throughout the forum or network which has as it's URL address beginning with " , you will probably get an ERROR MESSAGE forever unless we have a replacement put away somewhere.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will see what we can do. If the job is too daunting taking up a bit too much time, then we may have to live with what we have. Time moves on and the new year is coming upon us fast. The present and future has to be the priority for us.

The reality of what just occurred today hasn't quite sunk in just yet. There was soooo much behind the main page, with numerous links to pages beginning with\~njarc that make up the whole.

Back to work......

-- Gary Allan Halonen (, August 23, 1999


Regarding our 'technical' difficulty with our internet service provider, there is good news and some bad. First the bad. My partner, Bill Dale, won't be able to upload the back-ups he has of the web pages that were lost until he returns to town in a few weeks. Please be patient.

Now some good news. I've created a mirror site (the main page for now and more when Bill returns) on the super server provided by the good people of Microsoft. I figure, if anyone has a vested interest in keeping their server up throughout the year-end roll-over, Microsoft most certainly does.

The mirror site which you can go to and bookmark, just in case we experience any more mysterious problems, can be found at:


Thanks, Gary Allan Halonen

-- Gary Allan Halonen (, September 06, 1999.

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