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From what i understood earlier,when somebody used a hidden character in Street Fighter Zero, that was not allowed,even when he told how to do it.

Now Zwaxy use a cheat that nobody knows of and he tells nobody,he just create a new category. I think that is inconsequent, and that it sucks.

regards, Stig Remnes

-- Stig Remnes (sremnes@samsen.com), August 23, 1999


(I usually don't like responding to board messages, but I'll just clear some things up) Actually...you CAN use hidden characters in fighting games...the recording with Akuma in SFZ was okayed...and they also said if I wanted to use the Orochi team in KOF98, that could be okayed as well...so those are no problems... As for the secret levels...I think they should just stay in normal mode...I mean, we didn't split Bubble Bobble into normal game, "Power- Up!", "Original Game", and whatever other mode there is...we still haven't split RodLand into normal and "Extra" mode yet, and there are some other games (Relief Pitcher, anyone?) that deserve to be split but aren't... Zwaxy should be guilty of points leeching here...now, I don't mean to get Zwaxy upset, but 100 points in a category that may not be reached by anyone else is unfair... That's all I'd like to say on this issue... Now, it's back to mastering Off the Wall...=)

-- Sports Dude (shyboy820@aol.com), August 23, 1999.

OK, fellas, it's time to cool it with this talk. Let's all keep in mind that MARP is Zwaxy's baby and he can do with it what he pleases. He has made numerous concessions with regards to other player's requests over the past couple of years that I've been here so if he feels that there is a potential legitimate category with this game, then so be it! And if he scores a whopping 100 points as a result, then so what! I haven't check out the inp in question yet, but I imagine if you're good enough at the game, you might be able to detect the inside story on this particular hidden room trick. If not, big deal! Heck, Stig, there are plenty of trick/ hidden moves going on in any number of the fighting games out there (and for us "golden age" guys it seems like there are millions and millions of these types of games)and I couldn't tell you what the heck is going on with these special moves. Mainly I can't tell you because I have very little interest in learning them anyway.

Let's see...there are roughly 175,000 + points available (don't forget all the -fast categories as well as other multiple categories)...I really don't think anybody's world will crumble as a result of this 100 points in question!


-- JoustGod (pinballwiz1@msn.com), August 25, 1999.

OK - so I'll open this one up. Yesterday I uploaded a new recording on the secret levels of pang3, and included instructions in the .zip file of how to play them yourselves - so please feel free to take my 100 points for yourself!

You need to get the pang3.cfg file from the zip file (called pang3.sec in the archive), put it in your cfg folder and run pang3 using mame 0.35 final. Then when you start the 50 level game you'll see a whole new set of levels.

I don't know why that config file gets you to the secret levels, but I didn't edit it in any way - I reckon it might just be something the game does after it's been left switched on for a long time - I've played an awful lot of pang3, trying to regain #1 slot for it in the tournament...

Maybe Chris P. could do one of his famous 'rack tests' (whatever they are) and find out what's going on here...

The secret levels are a whole new set of levels, just as different as the set of 10 is to the set of 50, so I really do think it should count as a different game.

As far as the hidden players in the fighting games go, I don't have an opinion. I don't like fighting games, and I'm no good at them either (and there's probably a link between those 2 facts, too :o) ).


-- Zwaxy (zwaxy@mail.com), August 25, 1999.

I wonder if they are famous, or infamous now... Sorry, Zwaxy, but I don't think I'll be able to do Pang3! Reason behind this, I am in the states, and it would prove rather hard, if not impossible, for me to get a hold of a Pang 3! arcade machine here in the states. I will see what I can do with the MAME copy, but I can't promise anything at the moment. (Wondering Note: Have I given up on the tourney / lying dormant???) You don't know, do you???

-- Chris Parsley (cparsley1@hotmail.com), August 25, 1999.

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