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A new private password-protected forum has been made available to government officials and military personnel to facilitate co-operation and co-ordination of Y2K contingency ideas and plans. The purpose is to assist those either elected or charged with the responsibility of Y2K contingency\ emergency planning by providing a secure communications medium with which they can participate in discussion for the smooth transition of our society into the new millennium.

The community preparedness people and techies have their web sites, chat rooms and email lists so they can work together to save themselves from re-inventing the wheel. People in government and the military who are involved in the management of the citizens and maintaining a semblance of order in our sometimes fragile social structure, need a place to communicate anonymously if they wish.

Participants can exchange policy ideas, consider issues not looked at before or just get a better understanding of what others are doing. Subjects which may be viable for their unique situation.

The password will be sent upon request by myself, Gary Allan Halonen, to the member ONLY if they have a valid government or military institution email address. The password will be changed every Sunday evening with a new password being issued by the web master.

The forum will be a secure site where confidentiality is of the utmost priority. A member may ask a question, put forth a concern or idea and exchange viewpoints without ever anyone knowing their identity if they so desire. Members will be credible government Y2K officials and military personnel validated by email address.

I will be sending out the password to those individuals weekly who may in turn request someone else obtain membership but they in turn must have recognizable government or military institution email addresses so as to maintain the integrity of a secure site and the purpose intact.

To those who qualify, please feel free to email myself for the web site address and this weeks password.

Thank you, Gary Allan Halonen

-- Gary Allan Halonen (, August 22, 1999

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