What annoys you more than anything? (22nd Aug '99 Entry)

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Everybody has their 'thing' which they just can't bare, so what's yours. Maybe cell phones ringing in the cinema, a certain type of driver, or an item of clothing (DIE SPORTS TROUSERS, DIE!). Whatever it is, post 'em here and we'll see what is considered the most annoying thing on earth.

-- Tim Partridge (tim@newmail.net), August 22, 1999


I have A LOT, as you probably know. But I guess I could roll a couple of hundred into one by saying: the average Kmart customer.

-- Katie Trame (mrkite@apci.net), August 22, 1999.

Gym Knickers Drunken men

-- smallkat (smallkat@hotmail.com), August 23, 1999.

People in general...I've found most people just don't know how to behave in public. Just watch how people push and shove for free samples at the market, or how rude people are to others and you've easily proved how man evolved from apes. I don't believe evolved is the right word though... that's my biggest annoyance.

Commixion @ www.gbdesigns.com/commixion

-- Greg Barber (gbarber@gbdesigns.com), August 24, 1999.

What kind of a fool invention gets in your way, stabs you in the head, drips extra water on you whilst walking past users, winds up cluttering up toilets and cloakrooms whilst drip drying, is carried by buisiness men with the point swinging threateningly towards anyone who dares try walking behind them, goes inside out at the slightest provocation, keeps only half it's weilder dry, clutters up bins on a windy day and looks bloody stupid to boot? Umbrellas, that's what. Hate and loathe them.

-- Sea (sea@matrixcity.org), August 24, 1999.

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