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Hello, when i run the admin script, i get this junk on the top and bottom of the page, and when i list all items, it displays nothing except the delete item, and when i try to delete the item, it doesn't do anything. Any suggestions? the script is at and the admin script is at

Thanks in advance :)

-- anthony (, August 21, 1999


I forgot to also mention that i cannot add items, and the groups will not list. thanks

-- anthony (, August 21, 1999.


I looked at your site. you have your basepath set wrong.

$basepath= "/data1/";

Change it to this.

$basepath= "/data1/";

You have to set smartadmin to one.

$useadmin = 0;

$useadmin = 1;


-- James L. Farmer (, August 22, 1999.

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