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We have four young hens that we hope will begin laying in about 6 weeks. One has developed an eye infection in one eye from something getting into the eye. It is swollen shut. I have used an antibiotic ointment I got from the vet, but it is not helping since the eye is shut. Now I am trying Terramycin in a soluble powder in their waterer. Since these are pets that will hopefully help feed the family, culling is not an option for us. Does anyone know of any way to fight this infection, or has anyone used an antibiotic in the water for their chickens? The sick one is the type that are supposed to lay green eggs. She is fine except for the eye, and I have heard that one-eyed chickens do okay. Any advice other than culling would be appreciated.

-- Carolyn Hottinger (, August 21, 1999


Have you made certain that whatever was in the eye is out now? If it is still swollen shut, you could try using an herbal eye wash. Take 1 Tablespoon of Goldenseal root powder, 1 teaspoon of Boric acid and steep them in one pint of boiling water (use a pint canning jar) until cool. Then while holding the chicken, use a cotton ball soaked in this solution and gently wipe the eye. Hopefully some of this will get in and help to flush it clean and also heal any infection. We have used terramycin for other infections. Just follow the instructions and don't eat the eggs while they are on that medicine. As long as she is eating and drinking and doing all of the things a chicken is supposed to do, she should be fine. Hope this helps.

-- Cathie Lund (, August 22, 1999.

* I have found a tea of chamomile or of chamomile plus elder flower put on eye infections , even pink eye works very well. Also give a small amount of vit. A oil once in a while by mouth while eye is healing , but Not too much A as it could be toxic. Goof luck.

-- karen (, August 29, 1999.

I also had this problem, only in a young turkey. I used colloidal silver in an eye dropper. It worked wonderfully! I also put colloidal silver in the turkey/chicken water when I suspect an illness. Good luck!

-- sissy sylvester (, October 28, 1999.

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