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This is the first message posted on the Asperger Adult Resources Forum. The name "Asperger Adult Resources" was chosen for convenience; the purpose of this forum is to provide information to adults affected by AS as well as related disorders such as HFA and PDD-NOS.

If you haven't already, check out the Asperger Adult Resources home page at www.aspergers.org. There is a link to a list of support organization on a state by state basis. It is a small beginning. Hopefully the existence of this forum will result in many additions to the list.

I look forward to the messages that will be posted here.

Maureen Garde

-- Maureen E. Garde (coordinator@aspergers.org), August 21, 1999


I am not clear on what the question is. Would you put it in other words or at least present a question. I don't see it anywhere. I was professionally dianosed with Aspergers earlier this year and am 49 years old. Are there any Asperger Adult Support Groups in Houston, Texas that you know about?

-- Douglas Lee (dlee@hal-pc.org), October 14, 2000.

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