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I'm having problems with Netscape browsers in my shopping cart. I've searched for answers here, but found nothing that helps.

My problem is this:

When a netscape user adds an item to my shopping cart, the results looks just fine. Buyt when the go to the "checkout" or changes the quantity and press "Refresh price", the cart is emty. In IE, Opera etc this works just great Netscape is the only browser having problems.

This is what i have tried:

Found a message suggesting to change the $host to $ghost. Same problem with Netscape.

Found a message regarding order forms, but no answers as to what had to be changed. Which commands are usually wrong? I've only changed some of the variables in the regular HTML, nothing is changed in the or


I have also changed from IP based tmp files, to cookie based tmp files. Without any luck.

I really hope someone can give me some hints.

Best Regards, Terje Dahl -

-- Terje Dahl (, August 21, 1999


I have implemented cookie in my script. This might help you to solve your problem. Mail me at to find out more.

God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, April 13, 2000.

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