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In today's NY Times, on the front page, there was an article about how Fairchild publishing is being sold to Hearst publishing (home to madmoiselle, vogue, etc). Maybe this is a reason the Jane website is so shabby at the moment? Lets just hope Jane doesn't turn into some nasty Cosmo-come-Vanity Fair clone.

-- lbn (, August 20, 1999


Could be, but the Staffers at Jane were hinting at changes for a while, since without a registration, too much spamming and flaming was going on.

I think they just let it slide out of laziness.

I hope Jane doesn't turn into Cosmo dreck. Cosmos is my mom's magazine, not mine. eeew.

-- Tania (, August 20, 1999.

just some thoughts

I personally think it was jerked down in response to the stuff that was going on the last few days. The webmaster seemed to be spending a lot of his/her deleting entire threads. If they had been prepared for a change it wouldn't have taken this long. I'm annoyed.

I can't help but wonder if moderation of the board is going to be as flakey as before. I sure hope not.

Tania, did the webmaster ever write you back?

-- Cindy (, August 20, 1999.

No he did not. ( I'm only presuming it's a guy by the level of incompetence.)

There were a few persistent posters on jane who came on only to stir up garbage and create junk threads, and it was no big deal to delete that sort of stuff, if you took a half day or so.

I mean, how on earth does someone get their kicks creating 101 junk threads? What's the point? Masturbating would be more useful at that point...I'm ranting.

I wasn't at Jane the days preceding the take-down of the boards so I wasn't aware if they had gotten worse or not. All I know is that we had some great stuff going on there and we were actually discussing things, and then, around midnight the spammers would come in and mess it all up. Hopefully a registration stops that much...

Tho, at this point I do not expect the boards will be returning.

Sorry for the ramble....

-- Tania (, August 20, 1999.

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