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I now have a web site displaying some of my B&W work. URL=

-- Gene Crumpler (, August 20, 1999


Ah, Gene! You've just gotta put up more pictures! 22 just ain't enough! Where's your infrared stuff? Need more Konica, or would you like to try Ilford SFX? (The film offer still stands.)

The thumbnails look a little on the pixelated side, but that's not bad. How about a little Javascript? Your wife's hair needs a hairlight on it, or else the scan needs adjustment. I have to max out my brightness & contrast to see differentiation between her hair and the background. Some of the scans (Southport Pier, View from Rock City, NM, and Monteray Coastal View) have some kind of odd pattern right in the top-middle of the picture.

Anyways: More pictures, more pictures, more pictures!! :-)

-- Brian C. Miller (, August 21, 1999.

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