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All my links have suddenly turned into blanks. Does someone have a link to Jim's Pentagon papers? I have friends who want to know what is going on and none of us can find the report. Please help!


-- Taz (, August 20, 1999


Taz can't hot link but here.

-- FLAME AWAY (, August 20, 1999.

Sorry I screwed up;

-- FLAME AWAY (, August 20, 1999.

or go in via the backdoor i.e. or

-- Andy (, August 20, 1999.

Funny, I can't get the link to work either.

-- thomas saul (, August 20, 1999.

look in your e-mail as long as your address above is good.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, August 20, 1999.

The Pentagon Papers of Y2k


-- flb (, August 20, 1999.

Found it on thread below called "I can no longer access Jim Lord's site. There are two differnt urls there for the report and both work. Taz...who lives in the forest far from the sea, but finds her electric co op on the list under the big E!!

-- Taz (, August 20, 1999.

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