Experience with Fuji GA 645i/Wi

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Am considering delving into the world of MF and am considering the Fuji 645i/Wi. Am not considering the Zi for cost considerations.

Anyone have any experience with either. Any considerations for choosing the i over the Wi.

I shoot anything but mainly people and scenery. Not sure which is more suitable.

Anyone can help?

-- Benjamin Yap (ben@mostly.com), August 19, 1999



Been using the GA645i for a while now, and I'm absolutely blown away by the very very sharp 60/4 lens. In fact it regularly blows my Mamiya 105-210 645 zoom out of the water. High contrast a-la Nikon. Only problem with this camera is that you've got to be careful where u place the AF frame in the viewfinder. Have had some out of focus shots. The focusing is not exactly quiet (when compared to the older 645s), and the flash is barely adequate.

The Wi is useful if you do alot of environmental wide shots. I'd say go for it if u like those national geog wide-agnle close-up shots. I'm starting to wish I had the Wi nowadays. cheers!

-- Kevin Ho (kevinmho@pacific.net.sg), November 02, 2000.

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