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Some people irritate me - simply for existing.. I kind of know why I object to Holly Hunter and Melanie Griffiths - both of them have this really perky, breathy, little girl type air about them which makes me want to SMASH THEIR FACES IN..!!

Ooops - sorry.. Where was I..?? I'm not sure what it is about Catherine Zeta Jones though, but so far I have successfully avoided every movie she's been in - pretty easy with Entrapment and Zorro, but I have been looking forward to The Haunting, so I'm having a really big sulk..

Anyway - who offends you..? Come on - let it all out, you'll feel much better (and so will I..)

-- Immy (, August 18, 1999


2 words:

Ally McBeal

-- Morvern (, August 18, 1999.

Gosh..!! I actually forgot her - yep, she's on my list too..

I have to confess that I have started to watch Ally every now and then, and I've come to the conclusion I would actually quite like the show itself if it wasn't for Ally..

Oh, and Fish - Fish really annoys me..

and I'm not too keen on Ling either

ok - I've still got a fair way to go with Ally..

-- Immy (, August 18, 1999.

Delia Smith. Note to non-Brits: this is the most irritating TV cook in the ENTIRE world.

-- Grebil (, August 19, 1999.

Harrison Ford!!....Sean Connery......Mel Gibson......oh...who's that idiot??...dammit...what'shisname??....wait...I'm getting's Oil....Nick Nolte!! Yes!! God I hate him!!...Pierce Brosnon.....ummmm..... that Love Hewitt person....I could go on forever...I'm sorry...please forgive mispellings....these are people I don't like so have never had a reason to find out how they are spelled.

-- Em (, August 19, 1999.

i'm sorry grebil, but i'm afraid australia can beat delia for annoying tv cooks. we have BELINDA JEFFERY from Better Homes & Gardens. i've seen delia, she's just boring. belinda makes you want to reach into the tv and THROTTLE her. she has the MOST irritating voice and speech mannerisms you could imagine.

-- jilly (, August 20, 1999.

I was just about to write his name, and then it disappeared. He was in Satuday Night Live years ago and have made hundreds of irritating movies. He's bold (no bald, ?, with no hair on the top of his head). He was in three amigos. Not Steve Martin, the other one! Argh! Help me!

-- Maria (, August 25, 1999.

You must be thinking of Chevy Chase or Martin Short. Both excellent examples of people whom I could cheerfully have existed without ever hearing about.

Might I second the vote for the entire cast of Ally McBeal, all of the writers, and all of the production staff with the exception of the editor, whom I exhort to greater efforts with his cutting knife. I would rather watch the ads.

-- Stef (, August 26, 1999.

YES! It's Chevy Chase! Thank you! For the record I can mention that I have never seen a single episode of Ally McBeal, even though it IS showing on Swedish TV. Geuss I'm lucky, then :-)

-- Maria (, August 26, 1999.

Lisa bloody McCune! That woman just makes my skin crawl - she's just too bloody nice - it,s sickening!

-- celeste (, September 02, 1999.

I'm not sure of his name, But if anyone has seen the Lethal Weapons series? In one of them it has this guy with REALLY white teeth (gawd they're white teeth)... That's who I hate...

Oh...And I hate that little guy at the corner store...and...the man who is always smiling...

*starts to unconciously clench his fists as he goes into a trance*


-- Jason K (, September 02, 1999.

ahhhh! that belinda jeffries woman... oh my god. everytime i have the misfortune to catch even a little of "better homes and gardens", it always happens to be her poxy little cooking segments. "ahnd noooow, we're going to drizzle, just a little bit, of this delighhhtful orhange sauhce over the puhhding..." i don't think that captures it. but the way she talks makes my head ache!

other irrational people-dislikes... jimmy barnes! can't say that one enough.

i used to hate meg ryan, but not as much anymore.

all child actors except for joel haley osment (haven't seen "the sixth sense"? what the hell are you waiting for?) and jonathan lipnicki (the little blond boy in "jerry maguire". he's just too cute!).

the girl who plays lucy in "seventh heaven". (australians, it used to be on at around 12pm every day on channel ten... no more, for the moment. right now we can witness "highway to heaven" (er, theme much?) in that timeslot, which i don't mind. ooh! there's one to mention in the nostalgia thread. anyway...

umm... i'm forgetting every celebrity i've ever hated at this moment. oh!! cliff richard. yes. the git.

i can't think of any more! where has my hate gone..? *sniffles*

-- sammy (, November 19, 1999.

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