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Is there anyone in the Los Angeles area with a Steadicam Jr., Glidecam or equivalent (for use with a Sony MiniDV camera) who would be willing to let me rent it for the weekend of Aug 20-24, 99?

Or, does anyone out there know about any commercial rental houses who rent this kind of equipment?

Please email me at or call me at 310.362.8818. Thanks for your help!

-- Dag Roland (, August 18, 1999


Hi Dag, I found a place that rents both they're right in hollywood. I 'm still trying to find a cheaper place, but for the 1 day rental you can pick it up Friday and return it Monday. Good Luck. Please let me know if you find a cheaper price anywhere. Take care. -M

-- Mike Doto (, July 13, 2001.

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