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ok wilmitonians...every saturday at the sandbar from 11 - 4 they are having good ass DJs (james wolfe, merlyn, storm, jay quik, phat rabbit)...please come support it...yeah the venue isnt the best but the vibe is real and the music is pulsating

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999


what up brian b down in CB!!

-- Anonymous, August 21, 1999

The Venue does kinda suck...but isnt that bad....Its not about the Venue if the DJs are good......Whoever started this forgot to mention in my opinion one of the best residents at the Sand Bar...and that is Soulsource....Chad is blowin it up with his Unique style of DEEP house....and his San Fran influences.....If you havent heard Chad live....your missin out.....Look for Soulsource at many upcoming NC parties.....by the way..he just got from San Fran spinning at a party...and just happen to come across some White Labels...That are too good for words.....anyway....Its not about the Venue..the drugs (if you have to have them you are there for the wrong reasons)....Its about THE MUSIC.......Peace...LOVE...UNITY...RESPECT...feel free to contact me (Jeff)

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2000

I have to agree with that one above i used to live in wilmington but they didnt have raves anywhere around there then. but i live very close to atlanta and i have been to raves that light effects and people sucked but if the dj is good it doesnt matter about anything else. if you go to a rave to see trippy lights and take enough xtc that you can feel a drop of water hit your shoe than your only there for half the reason. ha you thought i was going to say that you where going for the wrong reason didnt you. but yeah its all about the dj's and how devoted they are to there music. i give all my respect to the true dj's who are in it for the music and not the babes money and drugs. ok i have gotten a little off the subject here but what is this place for other than to state your opinion. Rave All Night!!

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2002

Look towards downtown at fusion great light show's and great people every sat night

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2004

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