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If shot on a PAL Canon XL-1 or VX1000 --- how do you edit audio with it? Do you need specialized editing equipment?

I understand that most NLE's can deal with PAL and NTSC. Does that include the audio issues as well?

A PAL monitor is needed, correct? Do they make a switchable PAL/NTSC monitor?

Any other issues regarding PAL in post would be great.


-- Tom (, August 18, 1999


yes, they make a switchable ntsc to pal monitor. I know panasonic makes one for less than $400. If you're going to edit with a non linear editor, then the audios no problem, just edit as usual. My question to you is, if you're in the united states, how do you plan on recharging your batteries? Actually, you can get power adapters now that i think about it. (50 to 60 hertz)

-- win edson (, October 24, 1999.

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