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Hello Mr. Eric,

How can I transfer user's from one server to another with same login's and password's?

Would you please advice me on this?

I sincerly thank you for time and help to me in solving my SA lost password.

Please advice.

Ayub Khan

-- Anonymous, August 17, 1999



Steve Robinson very nicely explains what you need to do in his usenet posting that you may see at:

Look for the details Steve provides under the heading "Or another way".

Briefly, he describes a 5 step process, which includes:

1. Create a view for name and password from master..syslogins

2. bcp the data out from this view

3. create a userpassword list table on the destination server

4. bcp the data in to the above table of the destination server

5. run a cursor through the table to do the updates on master..syslogins.

He spells this out in great detail in his usenet posting, including the bcp and cursor scripts.

There are known difficulties if the case sensitivity (sort order) on the two servers is different.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

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