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Say, if I have SQL Server 7.0 from one side and it sends data using DTS to Oracle on Unix on the other side and Oracle Server shuts down somehow. What heppened here? Is DTS will wait until the destination server (Oracle) back online and then will continue send data(like in replications) or ... Any help would appreciate. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, August 17, 1999



Looking in the (7.0) SQL Server Books Online article, "CommandTimeout Property (DTS)", I see that you can set a timeout period in seconds for your DTS command to run. If it times out, it is considered a DTS failure. On the other hand, if you set the timeout period to 0 (the default) there is no timeout period. I would only be guessing though as to whether the Oracle server would continue the transaction after restarting or send back a failure code.

If you send me the Oracle software I'll be glad to test it for you. ;-)

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, August 19, 1999

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