Konica 750 Infrared Development Times (Xtol)

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I want to start developing Konica films in Xtol - diluted 1-1 or 1-2 (or whatever). I would like to have some idea of development times to start experimenting. Does anyone have any benchmark values for, say, 70 degrees.

-- Bruce Karnopp (karnopp@umich.edu), August 16, 1999


Try checking a "massive development chart" to see if you're combination is listed. Do a serach for 'IR750' and you'll find one. When I started developing IR750 I couldn't find any recommendations for my developer (Ilford LC29 @ 1:29) so compared recommendations for other films in my developer vs those films in the developers mentioned for IR750 and based on the % differences came up with a time. They gave me good negs but I have been refining the processing time with each roll (I'm reducing the time) I find IR750 quite contrasty (compared to FP4 which I use) and usually print on G2 MGIV paper although sometimes use G1 (I print FP4 on G3 generally) My 1st roll also suffered from recirculation so I now ensure the wash temp doesn't alter by more than a degree.

Cheers, Nige

-- Nigel Smith (nlandgl@eisa.net.au), August 16, 1999.

The simplest advice I've heard for Konica 750 is to develop it like Kodak Plus X.

-- Gene Crumpler (nikonguy@worldnet.att.net), August 17, 1999.

I haven't used dilluted Xtol with Konica, and if I remember right, I've been using stock Xtol at 6min at 68F. (it's either 6 or 6-1/2min) I would take a loose guess at a diluted time of 1:1 at 9min, and work from there.

-- Brian C. Miller (brianm@ioconcepts.com), August 17, 1999.

Try AGFA Rodinal 1+25 6 min 20C this works for me!!!

-- David A. Henderson (four.bananas@lineone.net), August 25, 1999.

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