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Sorry about not including this question in previous post! I was wondering if there are any web sites with ACL photos that I could use as reference?

Thanks again, W.J.Wanninger

-- William Wanninger (, August 16, 1999


Look down the list of questions until you get to "Other Web Sites" and follow the directions placed there in the email. I forgot the person's name who placed the info, but I'm sure glad he did. I have visited the site several times and there ARE quite a few images there. I have saved a bunch to my hard drive. As he said go to the Scottsmore site and enjoy. Some of the images are mislabeled, probably by the scanning individuals (e.g., Some steam engines are labeled as diesel, and ACL images turn up in the SAL part and vice versa). Still it's good stuff. Set the number to search for at 250.

-- David Wiggs (, August 19, 1999.

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