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The station at Ettrick, (Petersburg), Virginia,, there are two "stations" there with the current one used by Amtrak to the north of the abandoned one, My question, which one was first, and what years built? the current one is old enough to have been a "Jim Crowe" style building,, and lastly who still ownes the abandoned one to the south? Tidbit,, the railcar become mobil home to the rear of the station was a car belonging to the Chester and Southern Circus train! circia early 1900's? it apears to have been an 85 foot car.

-- Ron Loving (, August 16, 1999


The newest ACL combination passenger & freight station in Ettrick opened for business, freight offices only, on April 18, 1955, and on Sunday, May 1, 1955, the passenger station opened for business, according to an article in the Petersburg Progress Index newspaper, dated Sunday April 24, 1955. The combination station replaced the ACL passenger station built in Ettrick in 1942. The 1942 passenger station replaced the ACL Washington Street passenger station located in the downtown area of the city. After the 1942 station was built the Washington Street station was used as a freight office, until it was moved to the new facility in April, 1955. This information was reported in the Petersburg Progress Index newspaper, dated Sunday, April 24, 1955.

The downtown Petersburg ACL freight station, a half century old, was a long & very high building and built on the south side of Washington St between Sycamore and Union Streets. Behind the sturcture was a rail yard with several tracks, perhaps 6 to 8, memory a bit fuzz right now. The station was razed in 1955 to make room for construction of a multi-unit shopping center.

The downtown Petersburg ACL passenger station, a half century old too, was a very impressive 2 story building, situated across Union Street from the freight station on Washington Street. The station was razed soon after the freight station and the property was converted to a large parking lot.

The small rail yard, situated behind the freight & passenger stations was torn up but two industrial spurs remained for a while.

-- Herman J Wilkins (, October 31, 1999.

The "newer" depot to the north was built in 1952, according to my notes. By the way, does anyone know why this new station was built, while the older traditional depot appeared to be in good repair? BTW, take Marc's advice and check out the former SAL depot if you haven't already.

-- Bob Venditti (, August 17, 1999.

Petersburg is a beehive of train depots. The nice new book on Virginia Train Stations covers Petersburg. The note that there was a warehouse type structure way back in the mid 1800s that served as the depot downtown. I have a copy of a postcard showing a very elaborate ACL depot that no longer stands, but is not covered in the book. Likewise, the old depot at Ettrick is not covered either! Go figure. The new one was built in the 1940s if I recall correctly, and is covered in that book. It had at one time PETERSBURG deco letters on the roof facing the old depot, but they are gone now. Wonder where they went? The letters are still on the freight end however. Hope this helps. BTW, go check out the gorgeous SAL depot that is now a beer distributor too. Marc

-- Marc L. Hamel (, August 16, 1999.

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