the book? : LUSENET : ER Discussions : One Thread the episode "Random Acts" the cast finds a book under the desk. They all conclude that it is carol by the end of the day, but i think its keri. I've watched the episodes after that, but the never mention who wrote the book, unless i missed something. Could anyone tell me who wrote it?

-- danielle (, August 15, 1999


We never really find out, however there are several clues which do point in Kerry's direction. First of all, she pretends not to have read it, but knows details when Chuny says the part about the Latino nurse was racist. Also, during the closing credits, they show a picture of Kerry with her eyebrow raised and a smile on her face. Finally, during an interview, Laura Innes said Kerry wrote the book.

-- Phyl (, August 17, 1999.

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